To Travel Alone Is To Be A Masochist

Travelling far and wide and alone leads you to many people and connections, but you have to break those to move on, and it hurts.

Photo by Andrew Fraieli

To travel alone is to be less lonely than if you had a companion, and to be more despairingly alone than if you never did.

More lonely as there is no one beside you to share the long moments, less lonely as you will befriend interesting, adventurous strangers everywhere who can be — but it won’t be without strings.

To travel alone is to be a masochist.

Obsessed with ripping yourself to shreds to show who you are and so feel companionship, however brief; gleefully submitting yourself to a repeated kind of torture of searching for a home when you know it will only cut another piece of you to keep. Why do this? Why continue to be caused such pain?

A journalist, photographer, designer and traveler, Andrew has hitchhiked over 2,500 miles and written on extreme budget travelling, homelessness, and more.

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