Europe On $8 A Day? Yes, It’s Possible. We’re Just Not Sure It’s Legal

Getting Around, or How Everyone Isn’t an Axe Murderer

First things first: If you really want to travel far and wide, you need some wheels. Those usually don’t come cheap, but there are two options I used. One’s a little more ethical than the other, so let’s start there.

Where to Sleep: With Strangers… but not like that

For 62 of the 65 days I traveled, I slept only on strangers’ couches, spare mattresses and beds. For the other three days, I slept under a bush in a park once, and spent two nights in two hostels when I had extra money.

Food; or How Dumpsters and Other People’s Kitchens Keep You From Malnourishment

This became, in retrospect, one of the most worrisome parts of my travels. I became malnourished about 40 days into my trip.

The Importance of Being Social

Hitchhiking across Europe is not for the faint of heart or the hopelessly introverted. The single largest savior of my trip was being social.



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Andrew Fraieli

Andrew Fraieli


A journalist, photographer, designer and traveler, Andrew has hitchhiked over 2,500 miles and written on extreme budget travelling, homelessness, and more.